Welcome, you are in the right place.

All are welcome in this community of faith because it is Christ who welcomes us in the first place. Everything you need to know is printed in our program, so no need to memorize creeds, prayers, responses or long scripture passages.

We appreciate the rituals and language that have been inherited throughout our history. We love that these rituals have meaning, but we don’t want to be stuffy about it. We value intimacy and beauty in worship, so we don’t use projection screens. We do lots of singing . We serve communion each month and welcome all to Christ’s table.


Sunday School begins at 9 a.m. most Sundays. Children and Youth Sunday School takes place in the Bullard Building right behind the main church building. Adult Sunday School classes are held in the Edington Building and in the mainchurch building.

Worship begins at 10:30 each Sunday morning. There are additional worship services throughout the year during special times on the church calendar.


Visitors are sometimes concerned about what to wear. Worship at SHPC is traditional, yet there is no Sunday dress code! Some men wear suits or jackets and ties, some wear khakis. Some women wear dresses, some wear slacks. All are welcome to worship, regardless of attire.


We are a busy bunch here at Spring Hill Presbyterian! We make every effort to keep you informed about what’s going on. Information and schedules can be found on the topmost menu through the WEEKLY BULLETIN and CALENDAR links.