Youth Ministry

Grades 6 – 12

We have a vibrant and fun youth ministry at Spring Hill Presbyterian. From mission trips to retreats to youth conferences at Montreat, and Sunday night Youth Group, we are an active, fun, faith-based ministry that is done with (not for) our youth. We hope that you will join us on Sunday mornings and evenings! We are an open and welcoming group, so please bring friends! If you would like to join our group or just want to know a little more about us, contact Anna Fulmer.

Youth Group 2017


Save the Date for these Fun Events!

Aug. 18: Back to School Retreat, 11:45-4 pm
Jan. 4-5: Overnight Retreat
Mar. 20: Confirmation Retreat (for 7 & 8 graders)
June 6-13 Montreat High School
July 15-19 Montreat Middle School

2018-2019 Youth Group Schedule

Back to School Retreat, Aug. 18 (Lunch, Water Day, and Fun) 11:45-4pm; meet in Main Building Hallway
Parent Meeting and Kick-off, Sept. 8: after church (beginning with Fish Fry), 11:30-2 pm Bullard Building. Parents, please make every effort to be there for our Kick-Off Meeting Sept. 8 after church-2 pm. We will be talking about our Fall schedule, Montreat trips, ways you can be involved, and how the youth will hopefully help with Anna’s Doctoral project.
Potluck Dinner and Fun!, Sept. 15
Sabbath Study (part of Anna’s project), Sept. 29
Sabbath Worship, Oct 6: 11:30-2 pm: #1 (Anna’s project)
Potluck Dinner, Oct. 20:
Sabbath Worship, Oct. 27 : #2 (Anna’s project)
Sabbath Worship, Nov. 10: Time TBD #3 (Anna’s Project)
Potluck Dinner, Nov. 17
No Youth Group, Nov. 24
Sabbath Worship, Dec 1: #4
Christmas Party?, Dec. 7 or 8?
Youth Retreat, Jan. 4-5
First Light and Lunch, Jan. 12: 9:00-1:00 pm

2018-2019 Youth Sunday School Schedule

This year,Youth Sunday School will be focused on mentoring our Confirmation class. Every two weeks one youth and one adult will be assigned to teach together. They will study a theme related to Confirmation. The first week will be an informal conversation in David’s Diner with anyone who wants to help. The second week, the Youth Sunday School class will attend the Confirmation class to share their thoughts and what it means for them to be young members of our church.

Sept. 8: Rally Day
Sept. 15: Potential Field Trip
Sept. 22: All Youth Sunday School Meeting

Sept. 29: Bible 101 Prep
Oct. 6: Bible 101 w/Confirmands
Oct. 13: Youth Breakfast
Oct.. 20: Presbyterians 101 Prep
Oct. 27: Presbyterians 101

Nov. 3: Polity 101 Prep
Nov. 10: Polity 101 w/Confirmands

Nov. 17: How Do We Know and TrustGod? Prep
Nov. 24:
Dec. 1: How Do We Know and Trust God? w/Confirmands

Dec. 8: Who is your lord? Prep
Dec. 15: Who is Your Lord? w/Confirmands

Dec. 22: Youth Breakfast and Sharing

Dec. 29: No Sunday School

2019 Confirmation Class

Confirmation is for our 7th and 8th graders (and older) as they prepare and discern what it means to join the church. Confirmation meets on Sunday mornings from 9-10 am in the Bullard Building.

Sept. 8: Rally Day
Sept. 15: Field Trip
Sept. 22: Confirmation Meeting at 9:00 am with Parents
Sept. 29: What is Confirmation?
Oct. 6: Bible 101
Oct. 13: Confessions 101
Oct.. 20: Jesus Christ 101
Oct. 27: The Presbyterians 101

Nov. 3: The Lord’s Supper 101
Nov. 10: Presbyterian Polity 101
Nov. 17: Worship 101
Nov. 24:
Dec. 1: How Do We Know and Trust God?
Dec. 8: What is Sin and How do we Turn from it? and Mentor Discussion
Dec. 15: Who is Your Lord?
Dec. 22: Review Session/Mentors must be finalized
Dec. 29: No Confirmation Class
Jan 5-April 19 Classes continue (and four papers are due)
Mar. 20: Confirmation Retreat, 5:30-9:00 pm
April 26: Confirmation Sunday–Meet with Session at 9:00 am

For the full Spring schedule, see Anna!

For Parents

This Fall we are offering a Confirmation 101 for Adults, specifically geared to parents whose youth are doing Confirmation this year (and for parents whose children will do Confirmation in the next few years). This pop-up class will meet in Room 7 in the Edington Building Sept. 29-Oct. 27. Confirmation is the process that our 7th and 8th graders go through to join the church.


Meeting Times

Sunday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00 in the Bullard Building, Rooms 216 – 217

Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 in the Bullard Building, Rooms 216 – 217

Youth Group Blog

Making Music Together

Youth Chorale

It’s time to once again sing together as a Youth Chorale! We will practice on selected Sunday afternoons at 5:00, before Youth Group. Keep an eye out for more information and get ready to sing together.

Instrumental Ensemble

Led by Buddy Porter. If you play a concert band instrument, this inter-generational group may be for you. Practices will be on selected Sunday afternoons. Keep an eye out for more information or contact RandySheets or Buddy Porter for more information.