Journeying Through The Ages: 75th Anniversary Worship Services

Journeying Through the Ages
2019 Worship Series

Throughout 2019, Spring Hill Presbyterian Church is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a congregation.  During the summer, we will mark this milestone through a series of worship services drawn from the life of the Christian community in different eras.  Each service in the Journeying Through the Ages series will include prayers, liturgy, hymns, and preaching themes based upon a particular time period in Christian history. As we worship, the witness and wisdom of the community of saints in ages past will guide us.  Also, each week the scripture lesson and sermon will be based on a different figure from the Old Testament who serve as part of our “great cloud of witnesses.”

June 2—Old Testament Roots of Christian Worship (Sarah)
June 9—The Church in the New Testament (Joseph)
June 16—The Ancient/Patristic Church (Moses)
June 23—The Medieval Ideal (Rahab)
June 30—The Reformation in Europe (Joshua)
July 7—The Reformation in Scotland (Deborah)
July 14—English Westminster Standards (Ruth)
July 16—(Tuesday) Evening Anniversary Service
July 21—The Church in Colonial America (Samuel)
July 28— African-American Worship Traditions (Elijah)
August 4— The German Confessing Church (Josiah)
August 11—The South African Resistance (Daniel)
August 18—The Southern Presbyterian Church (Esther)
August 25—The Reunited Presbyterian Church(USA) (Ezra)

Join us each Sunday at 10:30 am in our sanctuary for these worship services. Our Faith & the Arts Sunday School series meets at 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome!

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