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Youth Sunday Sermons

Sermon YOUTH SUNDAY SERMONS March 11, 2018:  Andrew Ayers John 8:1-11 is a very plain passage with a simple meaning. Jesus just tells us to not be hypocritical and not to judge sinners because we are sinners too. I really don’t see a reason to talk about this story much more… *Laughter*. In reality, this passage is just opening the [...]

Stones that Shout

Sermon February 18, 2018: Rev. Anna Fulmer When I read this passage, I want to say to Jesus. Resist. You can do this. Just resist. Buz said it on Wednesday: The wilderness is a difficult place. A place that is isolating. A place that is dry. A place that is far beyond our cities and towns. It’s a place we [...]

“Let Him Easter in Us”

  Sermon April 16, 2017  Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon  Jesus Christ is risen today! Alleluia! Our triumphal holy day! Alleluia! He is risen, indeed! This is the great truth of the Christian message. The good news that transforms all our darkness into light, our hate into love, our death into life. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, the return of life [...]

A Week of Contradictions

Sermon April 8, 2017; Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon This day begins a week of contradictions. A week of deep irony and mystery where thing are not as they should be or not as we expect them to be. It’s a week that we call “Holy” but in truth it reveals, in raw transparency just how broken, twisted, and [...]

“Disturbers of the Peace”

Sermon April 2, 2017: Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon Introduction Throughout the season of Lent, we prepare to celebrate the most important events in our Christian tradition, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here at Spring Hill Pres, we have spent these weeks of Lent listening to stories from scripture about people of faith who resisted the empires [...]

Rizpah: Mourning as Resistance

Sermon March 26, 2017:  Rev. Anna Fulmer This Lent, we have been preaching stories that Challenge the Empire. We have heard stories of the Israelites challenging the Egyptian empire, the Roman empire being challenged by the words of John of Patmos and even Jesus himself. Today, David and the empire of Israel are even called into examination. Before [...]

Freedom from the Empire

Sermon March 05, 2017:   Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon Sermon First Sunday of Lent This week we begin the season of Lent. The 40 day journey toward the most important events in the Christian faith: Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection three days later. Each year, Christians around the world, from different languages and backgrounds, set [...]

“Down the Mountain”

Sermon February 19, 2017  Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon Integrity. Do you know what that word means? Some would say integrity means being honest. Telling the truth. Some have said that integrity is seen in how you act when no one is watching. But literally, the word in integrity means being whole. Undivided. Complete. It comes from the same [...]

“Seeking the Kingdom”

Sermon February 12, 2017  Reverend Dr. Buz Wilcoxon How strange and different Jesus’ words sound from our world today. He talks about asking, searching, and knocking. In the original Greek language of the gospel, these verbs are used in a way that implies continuous repeated activity over a long period of time. “Keep on asking and it will [...]

“From Enemies to Neighbors”

Sermon January 29, 2017; Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon Sermon Text You can’t escape the question these days. The news over these last few days, these last few weeks forces us to ask: Who do we consider our enemy? And how are we called to treat them? Jesus answers that question loud and clear in this text. He tells [...]

“You Have Heard that It was Said”

Sermon January 22, 2017:  Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon Introduction This morning we continue our sermon series on passages from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount—this handbook for living as disciples, citizens of the Kingdom of God in the real world. Our passage today is the beginning of a large portion of the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus [...]

Dripping Wet and Shining Bright

Sermon January 15, 2017:  Rev. Dr. Buz Wilcoxon What we just did was something special. In fact, it was nothing short of spectacular—two baptisms. This morning, Amanda and Hope entered into the community of the Church, the one Body of Christ around the world and through the ages. Amanda will remember this day for the rest of her [...]